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May Advisor Newsletter

Wellness Programs Just Make Sense

Many people in the benefits world slough off wellness programs. Why do wellness plans offered alongside health insurance need to be thought of together?

I recently listened to a podcast with the founder of the Vitality program, and CEO of Discovery out of South Africa. Adrian Gore is an actuary, entrepreneur, and acclaimed South African businessman. Adrian summed up the importance of integrating wellness perfectly.

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In case you missed it...

Have you ever used our live chat support? Other providers have chat bots, but no bots here! We have real humans answering all your questions! Read Danielle's first blog ever as she explains the benefits of our live chat system.

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Tim Kane is no technology expert - so how did he build a successful technology company?

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Resources we love

Offering commuting perks part of post-pandemic planning for employers

Employee wellbeing programs good for business

Pandemic leads to "thoughtful, intentional DEI efforts"

How popular is the hybrid work model?


New Employee App Tutorial


Advisor FAQ

Is a "lifestyle spending account" the same thing as a Wellness Spending Account (WSA)?

  • Yes! Whether a company offers a “Wellness Spending Account,” a “Personal Spending Account,” or a “Lifestyle Spending Account” these are all the same. The employer decides what taxable benefits the employee can make claims on.

My client does not want to add a WSA because of the administration of the program, is there a way to make it easy for them?

  • Many clients have run in-house wellness programs, that require a lot of work to administer. With myWSA, the client sets their eligible expense list, we adjudicate on their behalf, and take care of reimbursing employees! We also keep a running total of the taxable benefit they'll report on the T4! So easy!


Advisor Feedback Session Recap

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