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Providing employers & HR professionals a one-stop platform 

The myHSA platform is trusted by Canadian Businesses from technology, retail, consulting, manufacturing sectors, and more

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Solutions for any company size

Whether you're looking for a sole benefit plan or a unique top-up to existing coverage, our solutions can be utilized to create custom benefits packages
Individual Incorporated Business Owners
Small to Mid-size Businesses
2 - 50 Employees
Large Employers
50+ Employees

You're eligible for a spending account as a standalone plan! Run your health expenses through your corporation as a tax-free benefit and save corporate tax dollars. ​What if my dependents already have an insured plan? Employees can then submit costs to their dependent's plan, and the remaining costs will run through the HSA. ​Better yet, our plans are completely free to set up!

You don't have to compromise flexibility in your plan design as a small business. ​Whether you start with an HSA - a great starter benefit plan, allowing employees to spend on what is perfect for them - or a flex plan, combining both HSA and WSA items to customize benefits for employees' lifestyles. ​Setup and management are completely digital - no paperwork here! Plan admins must complete just two steps - add and terminate employees from the system, and ensure funds are within the account for claims to be processed and withdrawn effectively.

Do you want customization along with your current traditional benefits? ​Unique spending accounts can be added as top-ups to existing insured plans - whether you want to provide additional HSA items or add customizable WSA items to meet expanding employees' needs. Better yet, the myFlexplan combines both, allowing employees to pick and choose what they want individually and ensuring healthy lifestyles. ​Setup and management are completely digital - no paperwork here! Plan admins can easily add or terminate employees and run varied reports.

Company-wide health

Offer Health, Wellness, or combined - Flexible - plans. Let employees decide what they spend their benefit dollars on.

Complete cost control

Build plans with set amounts to stay within your budget – never worry about going over or increasing costs.

System Highlights

Company administrators and HR get real time-time access to track activity. With live claim approval, balances and reports always accurately reflect the activity behind the scenes. Don’t worry about paperwork – myHSA is completely digital.


Employees submit claims online – through their personal employee platform – or through the app, allowing employees control over their health & wellness while on-the-go. 

Ongoing Support

myHSA offers 24/7 Live Chat or email support – accessible via users platforms and the employee app. Our chat feature is run by in-house representatives – all humans, no bots.


myHSA continually updates resources, FAQ, and newsfeed information for plan administrators to stay up-to-date with platform management and industry news. 

Why choose myHSA?
Is this a fit for your company? 
Learn more about myHSA's system highlights, flexible plans, and company solutions for Canadian employee benefits. 

Build better benefits.

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