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Transform how you invest
in employee health

Explore myHSA's available plan options, levels of customization, and products for complete benefits packages. 



Health Spending Account

An HSA provides a non-taxable alternative or supplementation to a traditional benefits plan. HSA eligible expenses are vast, ranging from dental, vision, professional services, & hospital bills.

Carve out coverage such as orthodontics or vision care!


Wellness Spending Account

A taxable account to promote healthier lifestyles – incentivize employees with eligible categories like gym memberships, holistic medicine, personal development courses, and more! Customize this list for employee needs.

Click here to learn more about myWSA

Support your remote workforce with ergonomic office equipment and gym equipment categories.

myHSA Employee Benefit Plans

Cater plans for multiple generations across the workforce, incentivizing employee health and wellness. 


Flexible Spending Account

Combine an HSA with the options of a wellness account (WSA) and/or RRSP, or other categories—offering personalized employee benefits.

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Our most popular plan – let employees decide what matters most, letting them allocate their funds between their 2+ plan options.


Administrative Services Only

Taxable & tax-free account – drill down to the sub-item level and customize lists with category limits & yearly caps. 

For those wanting more control and structure – choose an ASO account to mimic traditional insurance plans.

Build the perfect benefits package

myHSA’s partnerships allow a range of add-ons to pair well with plans. 
Add-on products include:
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Mental Healthcare

Virtual Wellness


Critical Illness

Travel Insurance

myHSA + Providers

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Why choose myHSA?
Is this a fit for your company? 
Learn more about myHSA's system highlights, flexible plans, and company solutions for Canadian employee benefits. 
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