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Attract and retain your top talent with flexible and personalized benefits

Offer fully customizable employee benefits plans while staying on budget.  Our solutions are suitable for any company size, from one person corporations to enterprise companies with thousands of employees.


An easier way to navigate employee benefits

Your digital solution to facilitate employee health.
Quick reimbursement for employee satisfaction.

myHSA – your Health Spending Account plan

HSA's simplify the process to meet employers' needs, providing a non-taxable alternative or supplement to a traditional benefits plan. Provide a dollar amount per employee to reimburse their out-of-pocket costs of health-related expenses like vision, dental, and more – governed by the CRA.

Say goodbye to cumbersome benefit plans with simplified reimbursement accounts.

Eligible for all provinces and territories across Canada, excluding Quebec. 
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Employers set the budget.
Employees use the benefit.

A claiming process made easy with the myHSA App

Employee pays
out-of-pocket for an

Employee submits a
claim through the app
or online

Claim amounts are
pulled from corporate
accounts every
Wednesday & Friday

Funds are reimbursed to the employees' bank account within one to three business days

Simple & easy setup

Providing employers & HR professionals a one-stop platform to manage plans and review activity

A fit for your company size

Whether it's for individual incorporated business owners or small to large employers, we'll walk you through the process and get you set up. Have an advisor already.

Design your plan

We'll take you through it step by step – with your choice of an HSA, WSA, or combination account. We make it easy for you to build and put the plan design in your hands. 

Onboard & review

Import and remove employees in less than five minutes, or let us import them for you for larger groups. Once employees start claiming, run reports, and view balances live in the system. 

Signing-up is eligible for all provinces and territories across Canada, excluding Quebec. 
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Join us in building better benefits for a healthier employee workforce. 

Get started today and start building your plan in minutes. Have an advisor already? Great, we'll work with your existing advisor to fit your company's needs. 

We leave the cost up to you

Set a budget for your cost control.
No hidden charges or annual fees.

Set a budget based on employees and your needs – whether you're building a top-up plan or standalone spending account. myHSA fees are tied to usage or a flat fee per employee per month.

  • Custom plan design 

  • Simple setup online 

  • Completely digital App claim submission 

  • 3-day turnaround reimbursement 

  • Electronic fund transfer 

  • Live chat – no bots 

  • No setup fees 

  • No annual charges 

  • No extra cost for adding employees

We won't keep you guessing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a health spending account?

An HSA is a cost-efficient alternative to traditional insurance plans, providing a spending account to employees for reimbursing eligible expenses over the benefit year. Health expenses offered through an HSA are 100% tax-deductible to the employer while received 100% tax-free by employees. 

How does the claim process work?

Employees pay out of pocket for eligible expenses – listed on their dashboard – and submit a claim online or through the app. Employees must include their receipt, either attaching a copy or snapping a picture to upload on the app. Once the claim is approved, claim amounts are pulled from corporate accounts every Wednesday and Friday, and funds are reimbursed into employees' bank accounts within one to three business days.

Can I qualify for a spending account as an individual incorporated business owner?

Yes, you're eligible as an individual incorporated business owner, working as a standalone plan! Run your health expenses through your corporation as a tax-free benefit and save corporate tax dollars.
If your dependents already have an insured plan, employees can submit costs to their dependents' plan, and the remaining costs will run through the HSA.

Can I build out specific plans for different employees?

Yes, as a business owner, when setting up your HSA, we guide you through setting employee classes – a way to distinguish employees at the company, whether that's senior staff, managers, or full-time staff.  Each class is allotted a set dollar amount for their spending account, and employers have the choice to determine the maximum limits per class and assign appropriate employees to said class. Also, you have the flexibility to decide whether the carryover of unused funds into the next benefit year is eligible for employees. 

Does myHSA offer other plan options or customized HSAs?

Yes, myHSA offers varying plan options and levels of customization. Whether you want to mimic traditional insurance plans, incentivize wellness with a WSA, offer a top-up solution, or combine the HSA and WSA for a more flexible employee offering. When setting up, we walk you through it – you control the plan design to fit your employees' needs. 

To learn more about what's covered through an HSA and WSA, download our full guide here 

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