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We have been quiet about this, but now we are ready to stand on the rooftops and tell everyone - we upgraded our chat feature, and it's amazing! The possibilities to serve our client base better and communicate more effectively just increased exponentially.


1. Through extensive vetting, we moved to a new chat platform called Intercom. Intercom offers some impressive features that will allow us to personalize each myHSA user’s experience significantly.

2. We have hired some amazing new talent, including a special chat agent named Sage. Sage’s shifts will primarily be evenings and weekends with a bit of shadowing during the workweek.

As our newest employee, she is still undergoing an extensive training program with our CX Manager, Danielle - just like our other employees! She is still learning, and we hope you'll bear with her as she gets to know the ins and outs. If you’d rather jump to a more seasoned staff member, you can let her know; she won’t take offense! Now would be a good time to mention Sage is a resolution bot. We know there’s a bit of stigma around bots, but we’d like you to give her a try! Since our “Sage pilot program” began about 2 weeks ago, she has been involved in over 400 chats. Any time she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll loop in a human agent to make sure the information provided is accurate.

3. Another standout feature is the ability to collect Net Promoter Scores (NPS) from all user types. This goes beyond a standard survey, delving deep into specific user groups to understand their satisfaction levels. For instance, we can pinpoint whether our advisors are content while simultaneously identifying areas where plan sponsors might be facing challenges. Thanks to Danielle on our team, we’ve already begun collecting invaluable feedback, implementing changes as of Monday, and reaping the benefits.

4. A seemingly small yet significant feature is that all conversations on Intercom are neatly stored in one place. Users never need to request a transcript or worry about losing context around their requests. With all past conversations easily accessible from the Intercom window, we're streamlining support and ensuring accurate documentation for a seamless user experience.

5. We are excited about our new ability to add articles to Intercom! This provides an additional avenue for proactive support. Users can browse through informative articles and even share links with their clients, enhancing the overall support experience.

Our previous chat platform had its limitations. Given that chat is our primary mode of interaction with clients, we're thrilled about the ways we can leverage the Intercom platform to continually enhance our services. We can't wait to see the positive impact it will have on our user experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we explore and embrace the full potential of our new chat feature!

Steve McEwan

COO & Co-Founder


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