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How to Help Employees Feel the Love

One could argue that February is the month of love, but with myFlexplan, you can help employees feel the love all year long.  Giving them the power over their own health and wellness journey ensures that employees make the choices that work the best for them!


 By combining a Health Spending Account (HSA, non-taxable) and a Wellness Spending Account (WSA, taxable) an employer can choose to have a long and creative list of eligible items for reimbursement for employees to choose from.  This is what makes myFlexplan such a powerful employee attraction and retention tool. 

Some common eligible items that get the most love from employees include:

  • Gym memberships

  • At-home fitness equipment

  • Ergonomic office equipment

  • Weight loss programs

  • Holistic practitioners

Some of the not-so-common (yet) items that we have seen employees LOVE include:

  • Veterinary fees

  • Winter tires/vehicle maintenance

  • Group RRSP/TFSA options

  • Spa services

  • Concert tickets

  • Camping fees

  • Golf green fees

It’s important to think outside the box when deciding on eligible items for reimbursement.  The significance of being able to alleviate financial concerns or pressures on an employee can have a profound impact on their mental health and overall quality of life, especially when unexpected but necessary expenses come up, like veterinary bills. 


myASO is another way to help employees feel the love! With dedicated balances for specified items, they have access to additional funds outside of their HSA.  myASO is also a perfect way to address items that may be important to employees but that are not always available with traditional benefits offerings, like gender affirmation programs and DEI initiatives.  myASO is also a great way to offer additional funds for things like mental health.


To get started on helping your employees feel the love, click here


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