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July Advisor Newsletter

We have a secret...

We have a plan option that many advisors haven't even heard about and if they have, chances are they're not aware of all the innovative ways it can be used. We call it myASO, although it used to go by the name myDefined… which some argue might be an even better fit.


Important Notices for July

Upcoming Webinar Series

An interactive webinar series with our Support team is in the works to go over the basics of HSAs, how best to position them and more. Keep an eye out for more information, coming soon.

Multi-Factor Authentication is on the way

Stay tuned to our social media channels and this newsletter for updates on Multi-Factor Authentication on the Advisor login.

Beat the Renewal Rush

Meet with your clients ahead of time to schedule changes that are to happen at renewal. Most plan changes can be scheduled early, so they happen automatically at renewal! To learn how to schedule changes ahead of time, please reach out to us at


The Advantages of myFlexplan

If our different plans were our kids, we would have a favorite: myFlexplan (don’t tell the others)!

We love the predictable and steadfast HSA (Health Spending Account) with its clear guidelines on eligible items from the CRA. We ALSO love the creativity and flexibility that comes with a WSA (Wellness Spending Account). What could be better than combining them together into myFlexplan?


5 Ways a Wellness Spending Account Can Help with DEI Initiatives

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are more important than ever for businesses of all sizes. A Wellness Spending Account (WSA) is one of the best ways to contribute to DEI initiatives, as well as one of the simplest to implement.


Clearing up the 10% rule

We want to talk about the 10% rule and why it is confusing and made things worse - not better. A few years ago, CRA made an update to HSAs and what can be claimed. The update said:


Let's get Social!

We don't like to spam your email inbox, which is why we only send one Newsletter to our Advisors each month! BUT - if you want even more tips, information, news, and more you should follow us on our social media!

Make sure to hit that "Follow" button for each platform you want to follow us on!


To share with your clients

Exclusively for our valued Advisor network. Look here in each newsletter for featured content from myHSA and our other trusted sources that you can send to your clients who may not quite "get" HSA's, WSA's or flex plans just yet.

We even have a new "Employer Resources" section where we will be publishing new content to help educate businesses on the benefits of different plans.

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