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April 2024 Advisor Newsletter

April is for Advisors!

In this month's edition, we're shining a spotlight on the most sought-after features and the latest additions to the Advisor portal! Many of these enhancements stem directly from the valuable feedback we receive from you via live chat, live demos, and Advisor surveys.


On that note, thank you to those who have participated in our recent Dashboard Survey!  We're eager to learn about your priorities and preferences. If you haven't spotted the survey, please don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to share your thoughts


Curious about the different types of reports?

Reports serve as a vital tool, providing essential insights for both advisors and plan administrators. They aid in comprehending plan utilization, billing details, forecast projections, and even facilitate year-end tax obligations. These reports offer a broader scope for making informed changes to the plan, ensuring effective coverage.


Platform Updates

New and Improved Clients Tab

Looking to add a new client? Clients tab. Looking to edit an existing client? Clients tab. Looking to add or see your client's employee list? guessed it, Clients tab! As a busy advisor navigating multiple provider sites, we want to make your life as easy as possible by putting everything you need to know in one handy location. 

Missing your Employees tab? Easily navigate back to the full employee listing by heading to Clients and clicking the "VIEW AND SEARCH ALL EMPLOYEES" button.


Have you recently launched a group? Curious to see how it's going?

Go to the Employees section of the Client's profile - and check out the Engagement column.  If you don't see a red icon, the employee has already successfully used their account.

App Update

Exciting news! We're rolling out a cool new feature: push notifications for claim updates. Click here for everything you need to know


SOC 2 Type 2 Certification

Security has always been the highest priority for myHSA. We pursued and achieved SOC 2 Type 1 certification in 2021, but as we’ve grown, ensuring our client's data is safe and secure will continue to be a priority. Click here to learn more


Did You Know?

Advisor deposit statements can be sent to other email addresses other than the advisor. If there is a department you need them sent you, please let us know and we can have them automatically forwarded to that email address each month.


Meet your Account Team

Kyle: Account Executive


When to contact Kyle?

Prospecting & Sales, positioning of the different plans, business development and strategies through spending accounts!


What are you looking forward to this summer?

  • Golfing, playing ball and weekend walks to the dog park!

What is your favourite thing about myHSA?

  • Our myHSA team has worked tirelessly to create our amazing, fun, and unique culture. We truly do have some of the best people to work with here!

What feature do you wish more advisors knew about?

  • The Advisor Website (Microsite) is a great tool for quicker onboarding of smaller clients. It is the best way to streamline the client creation process while you provide closer detail on larger client onboards.

Justine: Account Manager


When to contact Justine?

Large Client demos and implementation, effectively using the platform, best practices for onboarding and transferring groups.


What are you looking forward to this summer?

  • Trying out some new campgrounds with my kids, and getting back outside more.

What is your favourite thing about myHSA?

  • I love our team, everyone works so well together and it's a great dynamic.

What feature do you wish more advisors knew about?

  • myASO, hands down. We have a lot of innovative companies currently utilizing it, but I don’t think all our advisors are aware of how flexible we can be. It’s a great tool for groups that want to personalize their plan for employees.

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