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August Advisor Newsletter

Health Spending Accounts for a Sole Employee?

We recently received the question "are PHSP's/HSA's suitable for a sole employee, who is also a shareholder?" An advisor sent us this question after reading this tax update that was sent to them by a client’s accountant.

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We're Going International!

We'll be testing out this concept, and we may have come across a bigger opportunity than we knew existed. Insurers don’t offer anything like it, nor do any HRIS systems or tech platforms, hence why we keep getting asked to do it.

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The business nobody wants to be in

I say this tongue in cheek, but I realized this morning that it is kinda true. We have been debating as we grow on our mission statement and focus as we move forward on what we want to focus on. Many companies, us included, sometimes get enamoured with other potential products or areas to get into with the vast employee benefits space.

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