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  • Steve McEwan

We're Going International

Well… maybe! We'll be testing out this concept, and we may have come across a bigger opportunity than we knew existed. Insurers don’t offer anything like it, nor do any HRIS systems or tech platforms, hence why we keep getting asked to do it.

This solution is for clients with employees in countries beyond Canada wanting to offer a Wellness Spending Account. Although there wouldn’t be a minimum number of employees for our solution, these clients are typically larger, given their international reach, and most will use an HRIS system. Our wellness plan, myWSA, can be tied-in with many of the large HRIS systems through an integration, seamlessly connecting the systems for the client.

How it works:

  1. Employer chooses benefit amount – this can vary depending on the currency and country. For example:

    1. Canadian Employees: $400 (Canadian Dollar)

    2. India Employees: 24,000 (Rupee)

    3. New Zealand: 460 New Zealand Dollar

  2. The WSA expense list is created by the employer. As always, this can be customized and even down to the country level.

  3. Employee Accounts get credited.

  4. WSA claims are made. Now, here is where the magic happens. The employee login and app are all in their country’s native language. The dollar values are credited in their local currencies, and there is no language barrier in their process – a seamless experience.

  5. Claims come into myHSA Adjudication team – we have technology that will use optical character recognition software to translate the receipt into English for our team. The claims would come in like any other WSA claim made in Canada and approved like any other claims we process now for Canadian companies and employees.

  6. We report approved claims in real-time to the company accounting or payroll team. In this case, we do NOT move the money. The employer will reimburse the employee through payroll in the appropriate country.

  7. Plan design, balance calculations and claims processing are still maintained using our platform and the advisor, plan admin, and employee all have access to the platform.

What about customer service? Well, like always, we provide our amazing chat service through the same amazing people. In our chat we have the language translator in real-time, and it works amazing! Also, Adjudicator notes in English get translated back into the employee's language selected on their dashboard.

We are launching our first client in three countries and talking with a few others now, as I write this. We are very excited, because, for us, this is not a big deviation from what we do now! So take care, ten cuidado, occuparsi, prends soin de toi!!

Steve McEwan

COO & Co-Founder


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