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Build better benefits to support veterinary-wide wellbeing!

Hybrid Benefits are the flexible way to meet your employee's mental health & wellness needs.

Hybrid Benefits, featuring myFlexplan

With the extra support of a flexible spending account—and the ease of a digital app claiming experience—vets and staff have flexible funds when they need it most. 

Benefits with the best of both worlds!

Hybrid allows the employer to offer the best of both; insurance where it matters for the protection of employees and the business and choice for employees through myFlexplan. Staff get the flexibility and choice to take care of their health and wellness that best suits their needs. Whether for mental health or other support, teams have access to these funds without the worry of stigma, student loans, or other financial pressures. 

Invest to help your staff be at their best, in and out of the office.  


Employers set the budget.
Employees use the benefit.

A claiming process made easy with the myHSA App

Employee pays
out-of-pocket for an

Employee submits a
claim through the app
or online

Claim amounts are
pulled from corporate
accounts every
Wednesday & Friday

Funds are reimbursed to the employees' bank account within one to three business days

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We won't keep you guessing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Hybrid Benefits suitable for Veterinary practices?

It is no secret that Veterinary professionals are burnt out and struggling.  The Pandemic saw millions more people add a pet into their lives, overwhelming Veterinarians and practices with pets that need care.  Traditional benefits plans may be too far out of budget for many practices – struggling to provide the level of support that Veterinary staff need.  With Hybrid Benefits, staff can go beyond what a traditional plan would allow, and it offers the flexibility and choice for employees to choose exactly what they need. 

How do Hybrid benefits work?

Hybrid Benefits combine the insurance protection of traditional group benefits with the cost savings and flexibility of myFlexplan. Learn more when you get started and setup with an advisor to determine the right Hybrid plan that fits your needs.

What is myFlexplan?

myFlexplan is the ideal solution to provide flexible health and wellness choices to employees, while staying on a set budget. With an allotted amount set by the employer, employees allocate their balance at the beginning of the benefit year between their health spending account (HSA) and wellness spending account (WSA), reimbursing employees for expenses they need. 

What’s eligible, what can employees claim through their spending account?

The flexible spending account covers non-taxable (HSA) and taxable (WSA) expenses. The dollar amount per employee reimburses their out-of-pocket costs of health-related expenses like mental health access, vision, dental, and more – governed by the CRA. On the other hand, the WSA list is completely customizable for the employer to reflect the values needs of the team.

What if I already have a benefits plan?

It's okay if you already have a benefits plan! Part of the process is a thorough needs analysis and review of existing offerings. The team will work with you to determine if there are cost savings and areas of opportunity to optimize your plan!

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