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Why are you asking for my Bank Info?

myHSA empowers users to claim their out-of-pocket health and wellness expenses and receive directly deposited reimbursement within just days of claim approval. Gone are the days of waiting for a cheque to come in the mail, and then going to your branch to collect your funds.

With great efficiency and ease of use comes great responsibility. Each user that logs into myHSA and submits a claim must first provide accurate bank information in their profile. This way, we can ensure your reimbursement hits your account as soon as possible.

We know reading a void cheque or collecting your direct deposit information can be a pain, so we have employed a few options so that users can trust we have the correct information:

  1. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Cheque Upload - users can simply take a photo or drag and drop a picture of their void cheque in their settings tab, and our OCR will pick it up and enter the bank information for them! This way they don’t have to decipher the numbers on the cheque.

  2. If you do want to enter the information manually, we have made a guide on how to read a void cheque:

void cheque example

3. Finally, if you are still unsure and want to have a second set of eyes on the information to make sure it’s been entered correctly, you can always email for assistance. Our team is happy to take a look and verify that the information on file is correct.

It’s important that we all work together to protect your bank information. myHSA is committed to protecting your privacy by encrypting your bank information, safeguarding it in Canada, obtaining SOC 2 Certification, and employing strong ISO Policies guided by experts. If you would like to know more about this certification, please feel free to reach out to us!

We also have extra safety measures that you can see on your account, such as asterisks in the place of numbers, an email notification if bank information is edited, and our support team asks multiple security questions before speaking about bank information. Additionally, we do not accept or send bank information over live chat.

Some safeguards you can put in place are:

  1. Don’t ever share your login information with someone who shouldn’t have access to your bank information.

  2. Never send your bank information over live chat, only use email.

  3. If someone else entered your bank information during the enrolment process, double-check it upon logging in to make sure it is correct.

At any point, if you have questions or concerns about entering your bank information on your profile, you can reach out to our team at and we are happy to help you out and answer any questions you may have.

Danielle Constantine, myHSA

Danielle Constantine

CX Manager


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