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What's new at myHSA – July Newsletter

When I was an advisor introducing non-insurance products, a question I received from a client was, "Why can't I get this through you?"

myHSA offers a lot more than just health spending accounts; your clients can get other products through you.  In addition to tailored health and wellness plans, we have curated a suite of products with trusted partners in our digital marketplace. What does this mean? You can access everything from employee assistance plans to critical illness coverage and present them in different scenarios to your clients.

Centralized billing for clients and a single access point for employees can save them time and improve engagement. Not to mention, your client's accountant only has to look in one place to reconcile all the billing.

Our focus at myHSA for the rest of this year includes promotion and awareness of our unique add-on partners and products to fulfill your clients' employee benefits packages.

-Tim, CEO


It's time to offer more than an HSA

Add-ons elevate benefit plans – fulfilling both the needs and the wants of clients and their employees. Browse add-ons in the Marketing tab of your advisor portal, and simply add to your client's benefits package when building a plan!

Check out our featured add-ons below!


Introducing Allstate:

Industry leading critical illness coverage

No pre-existing conditions clause

Benefits paid regardless of any other medical or disability coverage

Dependent children automatically covered at no cost for 50% of your benefit amount

Affordable premiums with convenient payment processes


  • No medical questions at enrolment

  • No survival period

  • No benefits waiting period

  • No first occurrence clause

  • No Termination age

  • Fully Portable

  • Value-added services (medisys & PinnacleCare

Learn more here, and stay tuned for our upcoming webinar with Allstate!


Starseed – medical cannabis as a treatment for anxiety

"Medical cannabis patients are not looking to get high. They are looking to get well."

Cannabis and anxiety have had a long and somewhat complicated relationship. While research into how cannabis can help with anxiety is in its early days, it is important to understand some of the risks as well as the benefits of treating anxiety with medical cannabis in order to make an informed decision for what is right for each individual.


Advisor resources we love!

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Stay up to date on travel coverage regarding COVID-19 here

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