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Flexible and Personal Benefits

Let employees choose the health benefits that matter most to them


Health Spending Accounts

Empower employees to choose the health benefits that matter most to them with a non-taxable Health Spending Account (HSA).  Businesses can offer this to employees (or as an incorporated business owner, to yourself) as either an alternative to traditional health insurance or as a “top up” to traditional health insurance.

With a Health Spending Account, eligible items for reimbursement are governed by the CRA, with common items being prescription drugs, health, vision, and dental expenses.  An HSA is the perfect solution for the budget conscious employer, as you only pay/reimburse for the items that employees use and claim as health expenses.


Powering employee needs with modern benefits:

A one-stop platform for employers and HR professionals

Health Coverage

Cover items not typically covered by traditional insurance

Real-time Reporting

Access claim reports available in real-time.

Budget Conscious

Perfect for the budget conscious employer, only pay for what employees use

Support Centre

Access our live chat online and talk to an in-house representative 365 days a year. 

3rd Party Adjudication

Ensuring employee anonymity, myHSA handles adjudication of claims.

Admin Tools

Easy HRIS integration, eliminating the need for duplicate work

Financial Advantage

Non-taxable solution for

incorporated businesses

Fast Reimbursement

Eligible claims are processed and reimbursed in one to three business days.


Get started with an HSA:

Support a diverse workforce with individualized health and wellness for employees, an attractive tool for employee retention and satisfaction.

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