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Switching from myHSA to myFlexplan

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

So, your client is thinking about moving from a myHSA to a myFlexplan and the broad scope of benefits it provides. Sure, the myHSA is a great option, but the myFlexplan is super customizable, and the employees can choose how to optimize their benefits in a way that is perfect for them. The best part? There is no difference in the administrative fee for a myFlexplan vs a regular myHSA.

Switching a client from a myHSA plan to a myFlexplan may sound like a lot of work, but it is actually a pretty simple process, especially when you have our help!

If you and the client aren’t sure where to start, I would recommend using the myFlexplan Proposal to sit down with the client and review the perks of a myFlexplan and the summarized list of potential items!

Once you have an understanding of what the plan should include, you as the advisor would start to build the myFlexplan. This includes setting up the plan limit, the allocation window preferences, and the eligible list of items. It’s a super quick process (10-20 minutes), but if you need any help with building the plan or to understand the above touch-points, we’ve got you! Just reach out to us on Live Chat in the bottom right-hand corner and ask to speak to a live agent.

Now, once you have built the myFlexplan, you can email with the request to move employees onto the new plan. Please include the names of the employees (if not all of them), and the effective date of the move. myHSA's support team will reply to you within 1-2 business days to confirm receipt of the request and let you know it's being worked on, as well as walking through the next steps. Once they have clarified everything, the request moves in our tech team's hands. They make the switch from the myHSA to the myFlexplan in a matter of moments, and then our support team will take another look over it just to make sure everything looks just right! It’s a super seamless transition. Once we have double checked that the plan is all good to go, the the Support agent will reach back out to let you know how to set the myFlexplan in motion.

It's that easy!

Danielle Constantine

CX Manager


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