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Showing Co-Workers you Care

Years ago, I read the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, discovering that people feel loved in diverse ways. While we may intend to show appreciation in a universal manner, it's crucial to recognize that gestures can land differently depending on the individual. Here are some inadvertent ways we've incorporated these concepts into our workplace:


1. Words of Affirmation: A few months ago, I observed the dynamic mix of introverts and extroverts in our workplace. While extroverts often vocalize their achievements, the quieter contributions of our introverted colleagues sometimes go unnoticed. To balance this out, we created a new Slack channel – hypeclub. Here, anyone can uplift a teammate for their outstanding work, fostering visibility across the company. It's heartening to witness words of encouragement, emojis, and support circulating freely, ensuring recognition reaches everyone.


2. Receiving Gifts: While physical gifts may not always be practical in our professional setting, we can still acknowledge and reward contributions effectively. This might involve providing opportunities for professional growth, or simply expressing gratitude through a lunch out with the team. By valuing each employee's efforts in meaningful ways, we cultivate a culture of appreciation and mutual support.


3. Quality Time: Our remote work setup allows for diverse interpretations of quality time. While some find it in face-to-face interactions during office hours, others thrive in focused work environments at home. Occasionally, quality time may mean taking a mental health day, spending it with a pet, and working from the comfort of one's couch. Recognizing that everyone derives energy from different environments fosters a more inclusive and adaptable workplace culture.


4. Physical Touch: maybe not the best for the workplace? Someone in our office once got a pat on the was so awkward it never happened again.


5. Acts of Service: Acts of service within our team manifest as support and collaboration. Whether it's lending a hand on a project, covering for a colleague during a hectic period, or offering mentorship to newer team members, these gestures strengthen bonds and promote unity. By fostering a culture where mutual support is encouraged, we cultivate a positive and productive work environment where every individual feels valued and supported.


By recognizing and respecting the diverse ways individuals feel valued, we foster an inclusive and supportive work culture where everyone can thrive.


Just as understanding and applying the principles of the 5 Love Languages enriches personal relationships, integrating these concepts into the workplace transforms our interactions with colleagues. By honoring the unique preferences and needs of our team members, we foster a culture of appreciation, respect, and support.

Allison Gigliotti

Head of Growth


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