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September Advisor Newsletter

Overcoming Overthinking

Back to school has brought up a lot of emotions in my household; my young daughter was anxious about her new class and learning to read this year. She told me how she read aloud in class and was ‘so happy she didn’t fail’. My heart sank, I knew we needed to work on her mindset moving forward.


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Dialogue Virtual Healthcare for small groups

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In case you missed it:

We recently received the question "are PHSP's/HSA's suitable for a sole employee, who is also a shareholder?" An advisor sent us this question after reading this tax update that was sent to them by a client’s accountant


This week in chat


Is it possible to grant certain employees an increase on their HSA as part of an incentive program?


In short, no. This would be considered to be giving a tax free bonus in the eyes of the CRA.

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