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myHSA and AVP Bizflex

myHSA is pleased to announce effective April 15, that we have entered into an arrangement to partner with AVP Bizflex – bringing their extensive existing business to our online platform.

Bizflex is regarded as one of the premier providers of PHSP, Wellness and insured products for Advisors and clients across Canada. Founded more than 25 years ago by Peter Johnson and his team, their meticulous attention to Advisors and clients has contributed to the ongoing success and modernization of one of the most successful HSA platforms built and sold in Canada.

myHSA is the industry-leading self-insurance software across Canada providing Health Spending, Taxable Wellness and Flex accounts – trusted by over 4,000 Advisors and serving well over 100,000 employees on the system today. myHSA has offered a simplified and mainstream solution to an industry regarded as complicated and confusing.

Peter Johnson – CEO, AVP Bizflex:

"We are excited to bring our industry knowledge and combine it with myHSA’s supercharged software to provide our Advisors and their clients with the industry’s most highly regarded state-of-the-art tools. I am excited to work with myHSA to perfect this model for other providers and Advisors to help contribute to the health and wellness of Canadians."

Tim Kane – CEO, myhsa:

"Peter Johnson has always been considered an industry leader – a founder of the concept of integration of HSAs into the insurance industry. When we first entered the business, we were aware of what Peter and his team were doing – modernizing what used to be a disregarded concept. With Peter as a supporter of our platform and the myHSA model in general, we feel we are continuing on the right track of creating a new space while keeping the fundamentals of the concept onside, along with delivering the utmost level of customer service for Advisors, employers, and their employees."

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