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Can Spouses who are Employees at the same company have their own myHSA accounts?

It is not uncommon for company owners to employ their spouse, however, when it comes to Health Spending Accounts (HSAs), navigating the complexities of having both spouses as employees requires careful administration. This article aims to provide guidance for these situations.

Eligibility and Account Setup:

When a company employs two individuals who are spouses and both receive income from the company, both partners are eligible to have individual myHSA accounts. Additionally, they can list each other as dependents, provided they are either married or in a common-law relationship.​

Submission of Claims:

One critical aspect of administering these types of accounts is ensuring that claims are submitted accurately. Although the myHSA system can track duplicates within a single account, it cannot cross-reference another account. Hence, it is imperative for employees to exercise diligence and avoid duplicating claims between the two accounts.​

Claiming Partial Coverage:

In scenarios where the balance in one spouse's account has been exhausted, and a claim was partially covered due to this limitation, employees can submit the remaining amount under the other partner's benefit. (It doesn't matter which account is used first, as it's not like insurance.) To streamline the process and ensure accurate adjudication, employees should include a note in the memo section of the claim. ​The note should clearly state:

"Claim was already submitted under [Spouse's Full Name]'s account and was partially covered for up to [Dollar Amount] due to the available balance. Submitting the remaining [Remaining Dollar Amount] to this account."

By providing this information, adjudicators can cross-reference the two claims, and can accurately reimburse the claim. ​

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