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August Advisor Newsletter

Get ready for renewals with a refresh on all of our best content HSAs for Sole Employees METC vs HSA Shareholders and the Element of Risk Clearing up the 10% Rule Why we only work with Advisors Inflation & Health Spending Accounts Defining Dependents What can you claim with a Health Spending Account? What is a Flexible Spending Account? What is a Health Spending Account? Wellness Programs Just Make Sense Insurance for Health, Dental and Vision, for the most part, is not true insurance How to Have a Smooth Renewal Why does my Small Business need an Insurance Advisor? myASO & DEI Initiatives The Advantages of myFlexplan Our 2023 Predictions Are Mental Health Benefits being done right in 2022? We're Going International! What is up with Cost Plus? Balances Explained HSA vs WSA Build Better Benefits

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Important Notices for August

Multi-Factor Authentication Update

To enhance security, we are introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Advisor and Referral Partner Logins. MFA will officially be rolled out as a mandatory step in the login process on September 5th, 2023.

If you would like to turn on MFA sooner on your account, or you would like more information about MFA, you can reach out to our support team using the live chat icon on our website, or email

myFlexplan & Allocation

With a new benefits plan, or anything new really, we have found that it is generally helpful to understand the common terms that are used when discussing the details of the plan. This brings us to "Allocation."

Beat the Renewal Rush

Meet with your clients ahead of time to schedule changes that are to happen at renewal. Most plan changes can be scheduled early, so they happen automatically at renewal! To learn how to schedule changes ahead of time, please reach out to us at

Upcoming Webinar Series

An interactive webinar series with our Support team is in the works to go over the basics of HSAs, how best to position them and more. Keep an eye out for more information, coming soon.


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