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  • Steve McEwan

Flexible Benefits: How to ensure flexibility for employers and employees

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Now more than ever, flexibility has become a key variable in workplaces, whether it's continuing to let employees work from home or offering variety in work schedule options. Yet, providing flexibility goes beyond everyday workspaces—flexibility continues to be crucial in health benefits offerings, both for employers and employees.

The value in flexible plans

Employers want to offer value to employees in terms of their health benefits, and offering an HSA or Flex plan delivers employees the option to pick and choose where they spend their benefit dollars. The recent Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey reports 67% would prefer a flex plan over traditional benefits, and 51% believe HSAs will play a greater role over the next few years. The Wiser Advisor vlog: flexibility for employers & employees

Check out our latest vlog, diving into the three key options to provide flexibility for both employers and employees.


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