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  • Tim Kane

Good-bye 2020!

This time last year, we were setting goals, reconfiguring our overcrowded office, and wondering what the future holds. Little did we know there would be murmurs of a pandemic in January, followed by a complete shutdown in March—a hurdle for our company and business model. The mental, physical, and financial stress of a global pandemic would unknowingly test everything we thought and hoped our company was.

This December, I am happy to report we are still around, in fact, it is fair to say we are thriving. We are still setting goals, and now with work at home initiatives, we comfortably fit into our office, looking forward to Vaccine completion in less than a year (yay science)!

Although 2020 may have not been the best year, I do know we have grown stronger as a company. When a company is not able to come together physically, it really tests the strength of the core values and competencies. I always read about companies like Netflix, Google, and others who've built solid foundations to get to where they are now with strong company culture. I was always blown away by the ability to do this, and I didn’t realize we already had. I have never been so proud of our team for getting through this time, and the true character of a company is measured by the employees, and advisors who believe in it.

Tim Kane


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