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COVID-19 Response 2: cap the costs on emergency dental

Dentists across Canada have been urged to close their doors with the exception of emergency procedures. This measure to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 has caused some business owners to raise questions to their advisors about their employee benefit plan.

We understand many advisors are looking for interim solutions for clients that are cancelling the dental portion of their insured program. Our myASO plan can be quickly employed for new or existing clients to create a tailored account to allow for Emergency Dental Procedures only.

As mentioned by Tim Kane in myHSA's video this week,

"You're paying for a benefit that you know your employees are not going to be able to use, but you also don't want to leave them hanging in case of emergency situations. So a suggestion was, drop out of the dental coverage under your current benefits plans for the time being – or suspend it – and offer an allowance for emergency dental services."

Utilizing this custom spending account can allow the employer to cap the costs while still providing dental coverage to employees.

Clients are not locked into a contract and can cancel or change their plan at any time, and no minimum group size is required.

Reach out to for assistance, and check-out our previous COVID-19 response for more options while navigating this current climate.

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