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Allison's First Blog Ever

Over the last year, we have onboarded over 500 new advisors, and I have come to realize that while features are not always easy to remember, the end goals are. What I mean is, our users reach out and ask me, "what was that plan where employees get to decide how to split their funds, or what was the plan where the company can control their costs?"

I try to focus on the value of the offering rather than the features themselves. This morning it hit me – perhaps I need to reposition the value of the Marketplace with our advisors in mind. Instead of looking at it as a new feature—or about voluntary benefits—the Marketplace focuses on how small businesses can remain relevant and stay competitive in the changing landscape. So, as I was reading through our latest webinar recap, ready to send-out, I had an ah-ha moment – perhaps we should be discussing the benefits for the client and what they would be getting out of it—more bang for their buck.

Take a step back and imagine a small business owner a year into this global pandemic, trying to retain talent who they may have never met in person. Budgetary constraints, multiple generations in the workforce, and a remote workforce – a competitive benefits package can be hard to produce. How can these small businesses incentivize, compensate, retain, and compete right now?

The answer is always going to be flexibility; employees need options.

What one person needs, another does not. Employers should not have to pick and choose when the cost of this decision may be lost talent. Presenting these options to employees as a choice—providing them an allowance to design a plan—empowers the employee to take control and find value in their benefits.

When an employer is offering to pay for critical illness coverage, a digital will, a health coach, and so on, it individualizes the benefits in a meaningful and personal way. The way a company recognizes its employees and communicates this appreciation directly impacts the company culture, which dramatically impacts productivity and commitment.

Advisors – rather than talking about the Marketplace as an afterthought or add-on – it’s not something to mull over. It is built-in, and it is part of their package when they sign on with you. Businesses start by signing-up for an HSA with the Marketplace and end-up with employees who feel seen.

Allison Gigliotti

Advisor Experience

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