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The 4 Best Social Media Platforms for Advisors & What To Do With Them

Let’s get straight to the point: the ever-changing world of social media can be intimidating. From hashtag trends to slang, one day you're "on fleek" and the next day you're out. You wonder: am I getting that clout?

Can someone actually tell me what clout is?

(I won’t leave you hanging here: clout is a slang term addressing the influence or power one has in political and community circles. You’re welcome.)

Luckily, it’s my job to keep up with these trends and I’ve got you covered. Here’s some insights on the top social media platforms and what we’ve seen bring in the most interaction based on our analytics.

"Are users politely following your page and quietly

unsubscribing from all your updates?"

1. Facebook

Ah, yes. The big leagues, the pioneer of social media. But are users politely following your page and quietly unsubscribing from all your updates? I hate to break it to you, but that’s likely the case.

People generally go on Facebook for two reasons: to post photos of their kids or pets, and when they are bored. They look at some memes, a funny video and close out of the app. What was once the best platform for business, has shifted to a more of a place to keep in touch with relatives and share moments. That being said, you should have a Facebook Page for formality and keep it updated. The main reason is that some of your potential clients may ONLY have Facebook and you need to keep your brand accessible. Lastly, people TRUST Facebook. But I would argue there are a few other platforms that may bring in more active engagement for advisors. Let’s move on.

2. LinkedIn This platform is the dark horse, generally populated by people in the workforce trying to make connections and get their name out there. The beauty of this platform is that although it is a bit smaller, the users are there with a purpose - not to look at memes. They literally mean business. Whether these users can connect you to clients or offer some awesome information, this is a winner for advisors.

Take it from us, myHSA was built purely on LinkedIn connections for two years. That was our marketing strategy. Use this tool for all it’s worth.

3. Twitter

This platform almost fell off the face of the planet at one point. It seemed like all we were getting was random thoughts and tweets without substance. Suddenly Twitter made a comeback *applause*

Twitter has become a great source for sharing news; articles, blogs & opinions. If you find yourself at a conference, fundraiser, or just an event you think is awesome – tweet about it. Let people know what you’re doing, find the right hashtag, snap a photo and send. Not only is this a great way to with engage your followers, but you can meet people who are at the same event. It’s also a great ice-breaker: “Hi there, I think I saw you tweet under the same hashtag I used, nice to meet you, I’m Bob.” Tada. Twitter is also a good platform for all you post-happy advisors with a lot to say. You really can’t over-do it on there, so tweet away.

4. Instagram

A lot of people don’t even know what the purpose of Instagram is and if there’s a point to it for them. This is purely a photo sharing platform. Is it good for clients and obtaining connections in the insurance industry? Most likely no.

What it is good for, though, is creating a brand. Instagram is one of the most useful tools for you to share who you are and what your company culture is like. Because of it’s young demographic, you gain access to currents events so quickly you won’t ever feel out of the loop again. Get creative here, post a photo of your office space and awesome team building activities. Think of Instagram as a brand strengthener.

Honourable Mentions...

I’ll give you a quick rundown of social media platforms you may have heard of and just scratched your head at. Here’s what they are and what they mean to you, as insurance advisors.


You may have heard of this and wondered what it is. Well it’s a fun, never-ending void of a website with strange and artistic photos. Is it good for advisors? No. I would have a hard time arguing the use of this one for you. Move along.


A crafty person’s heaven! Looking for recipes or DIY projects go there now. Insurance advisors, there’s not much space for you here (unless you're in the mood for a vision board). Next.


Who doesn’t love a good YouTube video, but heed my warning: this one takes work. You can make a channel, film videos, edit them and post them. If you want to go this route, you will have to keep an active profile and make sure your videos are good quality and I’m not talking about a Logitech Webcam. I will say the same thing for podcasts, these are really cool and engaging tools but they do take work so be prepared.

I hope this quick guide helped you out. If you have had a different experience with these platforms sound off in the comments!

Now go get that clout.

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