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October Advisor Newsletter


Health Spending Account and Wellness Spending Account. That’s it. We can combine them, dissect them, and define them but at the end of the day, these two plans are the core of our business. myHSA is a Health Spending Account, as the name implies it is specifically for medical expense items. The eligible expense list is defined by the Canada Revenue Agency and includes things like prescription glasses, physiotherapy, orthodontics and much more.


In case you missed it...

Did COVID-19 create a hiring crunch?

Yes. From what we're seeing, COVID has impacted our entire lives, so it makes sense that hiring and recruiting will be affected, too.


Canadian Culture Index

We are so proud of our team for earning the ranking of one of Canada's Top Workplace Culture Innovators! Creating and cultivating a positive environment for staff to feel welcome and valued has always been a driver of success for our organization. As we continue to innovate and grow as a business, we keep the wellbeing of our team as a top priority.


Upcoming Webinar: Substance Use isn't Easy to Spot

October 19, 2021

Join in to learn how to take the first step so employees can get the help they need.


Spooky Spending Accounts - HSA vs WSA


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