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May Advisor Newsletter

Human Centered Customer Service

myHSA is known for having unparalleled (client’s words, not ours) customer service. The foundation of this customer service? Our live chat, with human beings. The best investment we have ever made. One of the biggest lessons I have learned while growing myHSA is how important human-centered customer service is, and how it can differentiate our company in a call-centre and wait-time-heavy industry.


Important Notices for May

Beat the Renewal Rush

Meet with your clients ahead of time to schedule changes that are to happen at renewal. Most plan changes can be scheduled early, so they happen automatically at renewal! To learn how to schedule changes ahead of time, please reach out to us at


Defining Dependents

Our live chat (yes, we have real myHSA employees answering every single live chat question!) team wanted to help clear up what the definition of a “dependent” is.


Let's get Social!

We don't like to spam your email inbox, which is why we only send one Newsletter to our Advisors each month! BUT - if you want even more tips, information, news, and more you should follow us on our social media!

Make sure to hit that "Follow" button for each platform you want to follow us on!


To share with your clients

Exclusively for our valued Advisor network. Look here in each newsletter for featured content from myHSA and our other trusted sources that you can send to your clients who may not quite "get" HSA's, WSA's or flex plans just yet.

We even have a new "Employer Resources" section where we will be publishing new content to help educate businesses on the benefits of different plans.


Have you checked out our Benchmarking yet?

Advisors are now able to access benchmarking statistics for their clients. Advisors are able to input group size, industry and plan type and receive a report showing the highest, lowest, and average plan amounts for similar companies. Look for Benchmarking in the Prospect Centre on your Advisor Dashboard.

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