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Maximize Your Health Spending Account Benefits While Traveling Abroad

Did you know your Health Spending Account (HSA) covers services even when you're abroad? Whether travelling for business or taking that long-awaited family vacation, here's how to ensure smooth reimbursement if you do incur healthcare expenses while abroad.

Essential Tips for Using Your HSA Abroad

  1. Verify Provider Licenses: Before seeking medical care, it is imperative to ensure the healthcare provider you visit is licensed in their country. This is crucial for claim approval. Click here to view our guide on practitioners that are recognized for HSA eligibility. The responsibility falls on you to ensure their qualifications match those on the list of Professional Service Practitioners.

  2. Currency Conversion: Convert your medical expenses to Canadian Dollars using the exchange rate on the service date for accurate reimbursement. Alternatively, you can include your bank statement showing the exchange in real time if you used a credit card

  3. Translate Receipts: If your receipts are in a foreign language, use a service like Google Translate to provide an English translation to streamline the claims process.

Why an HSA is Ideal for Travelers

With an Health Spending Account, you gain flexibility and control over your healthcare spending. Whether it's an emergency in Europe or a routine check-up in Asia, your HSA has you covered. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your health expenses are managed efficiently, even when you're hundreds of miles away from home.

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