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January 2022 Advisor Newsletter

Insurance for health, dental and vision, for the most part, is not true insurance

Most expenses are routine and not catastrophic expenses to the employee. For home insurance, we only insure items with high value that would cause financial hardship, not a toaster, for example. With group benefits, we have agreed on an arrangement that employers pay for employees’ routine health expenses, which is ok as it is a form of mutually agreed-upon compensation.

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ConnexHealth Benefits Breakfast Club Webinar: The Changing Risk Lanscape

Join our own Steve McEwan and other industry presenters for a morning of information and discussion to review the challenges of managing risk for small, mid-sized and large groups and examine existing and emerging solutions.

Thursday February 10 | 2.5 CE credits (excluding AB)

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Our top blogs of 2021


"With two basic plans, the ability to offer flexibility for employees for their health and wellness items is key."

We're Pivoting!"

"We are not arrogant as a company, but we are bold. We feel that we are well on our way to changing the way benefits are thought of."

Pooled Party!

"Anytime you enter the insured space—and as many of the “disruptors” have failed to see—there are complexity and risks, so you need to know what you are doing, for everyone’s sake."

Wellness Programs just make sense

"Why do wellness plans offered alongside health insurance need to be thought of together?"


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