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February Advisor Newsletter

What is up with Cost Plus?

Ever since I have been in this industry, I have always been asked “what is up with Cost Plus?” They are attached to almost every benefits plan, whether requested or not. Some of the advisors we have spoken to even have a Cost Plus plan for the owners “for when they exhaust the insured plan and spending account.” I get that they are used differently in the industry, however, I have two questions:


Steve's Imaginary Client Meetings

I like to play a game when I drive to work – “what I would be talking to clients about right now if I were still an advisor?”


How to Heal a Broken Heart


We had to know, what is love?

And, what do you love the most? we asked the obvious source - our kids

Charlie, age 8: " family!"

Jake, age 6: "TOYS!"

Noah, age 5: "Love means you really like someone."

Reese, age 4: "Love is you feel it in your heart. And when you get married, then you can go on a date."

Joss, age 4: "I love Elira the most" friends from daycare getting the love from Joss

Declan, age 2: only had eyes for the iPad


Our Valentines to Our Valued Advisors


Resources we love

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