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August Newsletter – Staying Virtual

While some of us may have ventured back into the office, most are likely still working remotely – whether it's meeting with clients via zoom, connecting with coworkers over Slack, or simply prioritizing attention to teamwork and individual needs while adapting to a remote model.

With this mind, keep reading to learn what our team here at myHSA has implemented during recent months, and browse below to learn about our latest add-on product.

Maintaining company culture

Before the pandemic, businesses likely built in-house culture – from quick-fire meetings, brainstorming sessions, and team lunches & events. So for myHSA, like many other teams, maintaining the working company culture has shifted in recent months.

Our team has grown and thrived over the years, balancing individual accountability, team collaboration, and having fun. We're a tight-knit group that, before March, was working in an open space bouncing ideas effortlessly and keeping projects, ideas, and teamwork moving. We were nervous the sudden remote surge may taint our strong company culture, potentially shifting our dynamic team. To adapt and shift, as everyone has done, we came to rely more heavily on digital tools for open-communication, scheduled meetings, and even the odd virtual happy hour. As a tech company, we became even more digital reliant.

myHSA approved resources:


We use Slack not only for team collaboration, but also to connect with our advisor community. Slack is the key to remote communication. For starters, the next-to-no learning curve allows everyone to communicate effortlessly without worrying about how to work it.

The second-best part about slack is the ability to create separate team "channels" (IT, marketing, management) for easy project management and flow, keeping projects moving with seamless collaboration. Slack even contributes greatly to our fun company culture, as we've dedicated a channel specifically to jokes, gifs, memes, and ongoing fun. Yet, it's easy to turn notifications off, set your status to "away," and put your nose down, and complete individual tasks.


Zoom virtually connected the myHSA team as if we never went into isolation, allowing us to have weekly meetings as if working side-by-side. Our Monday catch-up calls function as if they were in-office, and mini-meetings across the week are used for ongoing projects, talking-out problems and seeing the occasional dog in the background. Zoom is simple to use by the share of a link, and it works wonders for webinars, presentations and any other collaboratory event.


Featured add-on: EQ Care

Introducing our latest add-on product partnership with EQ Care

– a pioneer in virtual healthcare

Features include:


Face-to-face virtual care by friendly, experienced medical professionals 

24/7 live care

Provided by Care Managers via desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet

Specialist referrals

Offering connections to specialists in a variety of disciplines to address health care needs

User confidentiality

Discrete counselling, prescription management and referrals for diagnostic tests

Canada wide

Offering support in English or French anywhere in Canada


myHSA system highlight – Live Chat

Our in-house representatives offer 24/7 support

myHSA Live Chat is handled by our very own myHSA employees. The valuable user input we receive through chat helps shape our platform.

Meet Danielle, our in-house expert answering your questions during regular hours. 

To access live chat, select the help button at the bottom of our site – we're happy to help.


Resources we love

by Barry Schwartz

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