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April Advisor Newsletter

National Pharma and Dental Care

News of a coalition between the federal Liberal and NDP has recently surfaced, with the NDP making demands to the Liberals to stay in power with a minority government. Two of which include the Liberals continue to push the national Pharmacare strategy and include universal dental care. Liberals have lightly been moving forward with a Pharmacare strategy but had not considered the dental care option.

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Does Benchmarking inspire change or encourage more of the same?

Featured on Benefits Canada

Trends don’t change overnight; it often takes time to see with shifting mindsets and the adoption of new ideas. Our small sector of the benefits space has seen a slow but steady uptake of spending accounts since we joined the market.

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myHSA and AVP Bizflex

myHSA is pleased to announce effective April 15, that we have entered into an arrangement to partner with AVP Bizflex – bringing their extensive existing business to our online platform.

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Be brave enough to suck at something new

Okay, I know what you are going to say. The pandemic didn’t really provide us with a lot of opportunities to try a new hobby. Or did it?

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The new myHSA Employee App is here!

Android users now have access to myHSA's new app experience, with availability for iOS users in early May. Features include:

  • Claim notification and real-time status

  • Complete balance breakdowns for individual spending accounts

  • Direct response from adjudicators on a claim-by-claim basis

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To share with your clients

A new feature, exclusively for our valued Advisor network. Look here in each newsletter for featured content from myHSA and our other trusted sources that you can send to your clients who may not quite "get" HSA's, WSA's or flex plans just yet.


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