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  • Steve McEwan

Insurance vs. ASO Plans: The Middle Market Solution

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Fundamentally an HSA is a lot like an ASO. Both are self-funded and the items CRA allows under a HSA are typical in most insured plans… so both are basically self-funded health and dental plans.

The employer funds the plan and is responsible to fund all claims made. The feedback we've received over the years from advisors is that certain groups may not have been large enough for an insurer offered ASO plan but wanted to customize the HSA and add some limits and plans design that mimic an insured plan. That is what myASO does.

We went full in and built a way to do full customization for groups that are looking for a step up on the ability to customize an HSA. The myASO plans allows employers to customize plan amounts down to sub level category, add or exclude certain items, add a cap to certain item and pool the funds or set an individual limit per family member.

If you want to know more about myASO, we are offering a free webinar, open to the public.

Don't miss out, register today!

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