myHSA is a software for advisors and HR professionals that facilitates employee benefits.
Designed for advisors, our platform gives you the ability to provide a range of in-house Health Spending Accounts. Easily set up Flexible Spending Accounts and even drill down to sub-category item customization.
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Paperless Process

All employees can submit claims, check their balance, access their resources and plan details from the palm of their hand. Reimbursement is direct deposit and all reporting for HR is in real-time and available in the Plan Admin portal. 

Personal Branding 

Companies can completely brand the system as their own. Just upload your logo and choose your colours! Every advisor on the system has access to a customizable webpage for their clients to visit and login from. But why stop there? The system can also be customized to each individual client on the system, so their employees feel they are in a company system.


myHSA is a FREE tool for advisors, there are no minimums and no hidden fees. There are two pricing models available for employers, subscription or pay-as-you-go, and pre-funding is not required. Advisors have the power to choose their own administration fee.


Signing-up takes minutes, as does adding clients to the system. You can sign-up by filling out our form or request a demo first. Inside your account you will find many resources and marketing tools. Adding companies, creating plans, and importing employees is just as simple. Our on-boarding process is  streamlined and simple.


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