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Using Health Spending Accounts for Specialized Education

A guide to claiming the costs of specialized schooling, tutoring, or other education for individuals who are disabled or differently-abled.

When it comes to supporting individuals who are differently-abled or have disabilities, access to specialized education can be key, but financing such education can be a real hurdle for families. That's where the advantages and flexibility of a Health Spending Account (HSA) come in. They can help to cover some or all of the costs of specialized schooling or tutoring for those who need it most. Families can get financial support for programs, equipment, and staff tailored to their loved one's unique needs.

Whether it's enrolling in a school with a specialized curriculum or hiring a tutor who really understands your child's learning challenges, utilizing your HSA can give you more options to address their individual needs.


You will need certification from a qualified person in the form of a letter. This can be a medical practitioner or school authority who can confirm that the specialized services are medically necessary because of the student's disability. Sometimes, this is included by your practitioner in the patient's Psychological Education Assessment. The letter must state that the specific school or tutoring service is medically necessary, and this letter must also be included in the claim submissions for the Adjudication team. An example of a Letter of Medical Necessity can be found below.

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