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October Newsletter

A message from Tim Kane

When I was at Mount Royal College in the insurance program, one of the first things I learned was the definition of insurance, which in a nutshell, was to pay into a pool in exchange for financial protection in the case of fortuitous losses.

It's been quite the year so far

To date in 2020 (a tough year for everyone), we have added over 500 new Advisors to the myHSA platform, and we are proud to offer support for every single Advisor, Plan Admin and Employee through our help chat that is manned by actual humans – no robots here.  We are here and ready to answer your questions 24/7.  

PocketPills Webinar

Join the myHSA PocketPills webinar & learn how you can save ~15% on drug costs!

Tuesday, November 17th | 11 AM MDT / 1 PM EDT Click here to register

  • Help your group clients and their members save money on drug costs. 

  • Improve employee health.  Medication is pre-sorted into easy-to-open PocketPacks by date and time.  

  • Stay Home Stay Healthy – manage medications for your immediate family and other loved ones with our Caregiver feature

  • A pharmacy at your fingertips!  Using our mobile app or web site, members can chat, text, call or email a pharmacist any time.  

  • Easy Enrolment of groups – simply complete a short online form and PocketPills takes care of the rest.

Remember: PocketPills is a feature of the myHSA platform, not a paid add-on! Join us for the webinar to understand all of the advantages

Check out our latest add-ons

Cyno Virtual Health Platform Cyno is a virtual wellness platform that offers employees unlimited access to the wellness providers they choose over secure, live-video connection.  Trupanion Pet Insurance Offering coverage for medications, surgeries, diagnostic tests, & more! Plus, no payout limits & 90% coverage! Currently Paused

ALAViDA Comprehensive substance use management ALAViDA is the alcohol and substance use solution that creates healthi-er workplaces from the inside out.  Coming soon  EQ Care Virtual Healthcare Canada's pioneer in telemedicine offers face-to-face virtual care by friendly, experienced medical professionals anywhere in Canada – offering 24/7 service by live Care Managers.

Head to your marketing tab in your advisor portal, and check out our latest add-ons to design comprehensive employee benefits packages!

Can't get enough?!

Join our very own Steve McEwan as he provides his industry expert advice with Lori Powers & MP Benefits during their upcoming webinar, Thursday, November 19!

Advisor FAQ


Can plan limits increase mid-year? 

To maintain the necessary element of risk set out by the CRA, our general recommendation is to make increases only at renewal.  Generally we recommend any plan limit changes be done at renewal to keep it onside with CRA.  There are circumstances where it can be mid-year but there are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Balance cannot be increased for just one employee, it must be increased for all employees in the class.

2) If you are increasing the balance because an employee has incurred expenses greater than the plan limit set it would be seen as offside with the CRA to increase the limit mid-year.

3) In any situation we always recommend you get the sign off of the corporate accountant.

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