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10 Years of myHSA

As we approach the conclusion of what seems to be one of the most successful years for myHSA in every aspect, I've taken the opportunity to reflect on the journey. I find myself contemplating the type of individuals who would establish a business centered around Health Spending Accounts (HSAs).


Back in 2013, myHSA made its first sale of an online spending account. It marked a pivotal moment for the business and us as founders. However, on that day, I couldn't shake the notion that a significant part of my life would revolve around generating relatively modest income. An advisor we consulted initially, skeptical of spending accounts, referred to it as "Trading Nickels." He argued that the effort required for managing spending accounts compared to the compensation wouldn't yield substantial returns. This perspective explained why most companies treated spending accounts as a secondary rather than a core business. This sparked numerous questions and uncertainties about scaling the business, building a team, and the perennial doubt every business owner faces: "Is this a dumb idea?"


Despite the doubts, I've always held onto the belief that dedication, energy, and focus on excelling at something will eventually pay off, regardless of the nature of that pursuit. In the case of myHSA, it has indeed become a testament to this principle. Over our decade in business, we have faced challenges, experimented with new initiatives, and expanded our model. However, we never deviated from our laser focus on what we did well—providing spending accounts through the channel we believed in: Insurance Advisors.


After a decade, we take pride in having built an exceptional team, a strong brand, and a lasting legacy in the employee benefits industry. Our commitment to making spending accounts a significant part of the conversation, rather than an afterthought, has been unwavering.


From the perspective of the myHSA team, we remain a closely-knit company where our culture and people hold a special place in our hearts. What I find most gratifying about our culture is witnessing the growth and career paths shaped by each person's individual passion. I've always maintained that, with few exceptions, most employees weren't initially hired for their current roles. Instead, they evolved into their positions by being passionate about what they love, making it exceptional along the way.

Tim Kane

CEO & Founder


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